Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Candy and Can

For these I used chalk pastel, oil pastel, and colored pencils, in that order. 
This was my favorite out of the three. I enjoyed working with the chalk pastels on this piece of candy. There is values and blending colors with I like. I liked how you can make the colors come together and show the realism in colors of things. 

This was my second favorite. Like the chalk pastels these oil pastels look wonderful blended together. This can's clolors blend nicely and you can really tell the values in colors. 
This lolypop I drew with the colored pencils is my least favorite. I did not like how I could not blend the colors and make new nice colors. I disliked how dull the colors looked and personally thought I was terrible with the colored pencils. 

Scientific Project

My favorite two ideas was gears and mountains but the I really liked the gears better in my sketches. The lessons on pencil and shading were helpful. I am now able to control the pressure of my pencil to go from deep shadows to light spots In my drawings. I showed as much value and shadowing as I could, even though this picture doesn't show the values very well. I picked pencil over pen because I really like the different values you can reach with pencil. You can go to very dark to light smoother with pencil. I tryed to shade the bigger gear but every time I shaded it different ways it looked really bad in my opinion so I decided to leave It lighter than the rest since it is the closest to the light source. I like pencil and pen both but I'm not compleatly satisfied with my end result.