Art 1 Final Portfolio

This painting project was my favorite. It turned out the best of all my projects. I actually worked hard on this project! It was fun because we watched Bob Ross. And I got help!! Damn those clouds are too fresh. And the trees are too raw! Overall this project turned out pretty amazing!! ahh!

I learned mostly from this project. I learned I suck with clay and its hard to use. I also learned that clay explodes into dust in the kilm.I also learned perspective is extremely important. Because if you make the clouds or the island too big then the whole thing looks dumb. I also learned to use colors that make the important items stand out. I used shiny colors for the most important things in this tile. And if you did not know what the silver thing is, it's a narwhal, it just got into a accident.

Fine. I used skills and techniques from previous projects on this. I used perspective to make it look the right. It was the perfect size #holla. I also used mad color techniques to make it pop. I used unc blue for 'Team NC' because unc is legit not going to lie. fine for lax. The pink made the whole thing look super t-raw not going to lie.

This was not important for me. It wasn't fun and none of ours looked good. It was pretty boring and pointless. All we did was cut and print on paper. and I have brown paint. team ugly color.

This defines me as an artist because I had a ton of fun messing around and having fun using chalk. I feel this is cool because it's a fun thing to do and I like fun things. Also I did my best work on Patrick and the background. yes just yes.

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