art 2 final portfolio

My most successful project was the oranges i drew with chalk pastel. I had the most fun using this medium over all the others. Chalk pastels were the best choice for this project because you can show the values and shading very well with them and they stand out nicely. I'm not very creative and so i choose oranges and that choice worked out well because i could get pictures of oranges my self and position and cut them in any way i wanted to. This was useful to me because real pictures you take your self are far better than any you can find. This project made me realize i do enjoy art and need to work hard at my projects for them to come out the way i want them to look like.

The least successful project I made was the painting of my candy apples. I was very disappointed In them and think to could I've done a better job. When I choose the topic of candy apples I thought it would be a good idea with different colors and values. But I don't think I had the skill and did not put in quite enough effort after I realized it wasn't looking like I wanted it to. I'm not a good painter and it really showed through this project. I ran out if a certain red for the apples and could not recreate it. So now it looks like a shadow when it's supposed to be the sticky covering to the apples dripping off. I think i should have chosen something else instead of the apples. 

The two project that show the most growth out of me would have to be my drawing of the gears and the oranges. We did so much practice with pencil at the beginning of the year and none of it seemed to help me. But once we started the project i showed my self that i could actually draw. The lessons on drawing really did help and let me draw realistic gears. This showed me i can draw and i enjoyed drawing more. The oranges showed growth in that i had no idea what materials i was good and enjoyed using. This helped me see that i enjoyed using chalk pastels and could use other things to make art. 

The two mini lessons that i thought to be the most useful were the drawing of the paper bag and the pastel candy. The drawing of the bag was useful because i think that is what helped me draw the gears so well. It forced me to have to draw lines in weird ways and think which part of the bag was darker due to the light. This mini lesson was useful for shading and values for all project going forward. This also had an effect on how i drew the oranges. The candy pastel was good practice for the oranges because the candy was round and i used the same technique for both. This mini lesson also showed me how much and how hard to use the chalk pastel for it to look good. These two lessons made me a better artist and were helpful to many of my projects

My favorite medium overall was chalk pastel. This medium came easiest to me and i really enjoyed it. The bright colors look nice and creates a happy mood when your creating something even if it is just oranges. I like the texture it leaves on the paper and looks stringy unless you go over it a lot. When you go over it a lot and make an object solid it looks really nice and you can see the way it moves or how its shaped.

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